• Nominal pressure of 10 bar and steam temperature of 190°C
  • Boiler in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Steam production: continuous flow with automatic filling system and possibility to work 24h no stop
  • Two different steam regulation; activation on the gun grip with indication in led on-board
  • Ecological detergent injection function
  • Injection of hot water/idro (ID) function for very high performances
  • Compact steam cleaner, easy to transport thanks to the recessed side handles, the push handle located at the rear of the machine and the 5 swivel, sturdy and antitrace wheels, which facilitate handling
  • Simple to prepare and use thanks to the practical rotary selection switch on the upper part of the cleaner and in the handy accessory bag
  • The machine produces dry, saturated, quality steam and is able to clean and sanitize multiple surfaces
  • The intelligent management of the internal components and the distribution of the internal power of the luminaire allow considerable energy savings
  • Wide range of accessories for cleaning any surface


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